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What is the GeneSight test?

GeneSight is a pharmacogenomic test that analyzes clinically important genetic variations that may affect your response to medications. The results of the test can provide your doctor with information about which medications may be more likely to work. It can also identify medications that may require dose adjustments or have an increased risk of side effects based on your genetic makeup. You can find more information about the GeneSight test at

Has the Genesight Test been studied?

There are seven published peer-reviewed studies showing the clinical validity, clinical utility and economic utility of the GeneSight Psychotropic test. In the GUIDED study, when clinicians used the GeneSight Psychotropic test to guide treatment decisions, patients saw a 50% improvement in remission rates versus treatment as usual. You can learn more about the clinical evidence supporting the use of the GeneSight Psychotropic test at www.genesight. com/for-clinicians. 

What is the cost of the genesight test?

Many commercial and government insurance plans reimburse for all or part of the cost of the GeneSight test. For patients with commercial insurance, there is also an opportunity to apply for the GeneSight Financial Assistance Program. You can learn more about the cost of the GeneSight test, the GeneSight Financial Assistance Program, and the GeneSight Interest-Free Payment plan at

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