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-Provide superior, most evidenced based, modern, and convenient psychiatric care 

-Welcome new technologies and use technologies to close existing haps and treat mental health symptoms 

-Provide mental health treatment in a holistic and innovative manner 

-Improve availability of care for all people, regardless of age, race, or gender 

-Improve the understanding of mental health and the body, and educate clients how they work collaboratively 

-Educate individuals regarding methods to improve mental health 

-Generate new knowledge that improves the lives of people with mental health conditions 


I believe that every person has the right and responsibility to live up to his or her full potential in society, regardless of ethnicity, culture, race, sex, gender, age, sexual/affectional orientation, or genetic information. Every person has the right to dignity, respect, and compassion in an environment free of stigma and prejudice. Every person has a right to personal safety. Mental health is the foundation of personal wellbeing and fundamental for having a balanced and healthy life. People are responsible and accountable for their own behavioral choices. Every person has the right to equal collaboration with his or her provider when developing treatment goals and plans.


My vision is to become your primary choice for receiving care for mental health conditions, along with your family and friends. I will actively strive to enhance to enhance my services to enhance client communication to meet your needs. I will always utilize the latest evidenced based practice care to improve my mental health treatment.

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